The digital marketplace is fiercely competitive. The trick to staying ahead lies not just in attracting new customers but in maximizing the value of existing ones. A powerful strategy in this regard is 'funnel upselling.' The magic of funnel upselling lies in its ability to enhance the average order value, thereby boosting your bottom line. But how can you effectively implement upselling techniques in your sales funnel? Let's dive in!

Understanding the Concept of Funnel Upselling

Funnel upselling is a sales technique aimed at encouraging customers to purchase a more expensive, premium version of a product, or additional products related to their initial purchase. This strategy aims to increase the transaction value and maximize profit from each sale. The rationale behind upselling is to stretch your customers' expenditure. If they plan to spend $10, how can you motivate them to spend $20 or $50, or even $100?

The Power of Upselling: A Case Study

A classic example that showcases the power of upselling is the strategy employed by McDonald's. The food chain giant uses low-priced burgers to lure customers into their outlets. Once at the checkout, the customer is cross-sold fries and drinks, upsold a bigger, juicier burger, or even upgraded to a happy meal box. This systematic approach to upselling and cross-selling brings in additional revenue at relatively low costs and effort, keeping McDonald's profitable.

Ten Effective Funnel Upselling Techniques

Here are ten tried-and-tested funnel upselling techniques that can significantly boost your store's revenue:

1. Timing is Everything

The first rule of upselling is to introduce the upsell offer at the right moment. Upselling works best when customers display clear purchase intent. It is less effective when introduced too early in the sales process as it can overwhelm shoppers with too many decisions. The idea is to upsell after a customer has displayed intent, making it natural and unobtrusive.

2. Entice with Incentives

Offering incentives is a powerful way to encourage customers to spend more. You could offer discounts, free gifts, or other perks that provide better value for their money. The goal is to create a win-win situation where you increase your order value, and customers feel they're getting a great deal.

3. Make Your Offer Exclusive

Exclusivity adds a layer of scarcity and urgency to the offer. By ensuring that the offer is exclusive to the current transaction, you drive customers to take immediate action. One-click upsells and thank-you page upsells are effective ways of implementing this strategy.

4. Personalize Your Offers

Personalized upsell offers based on customer characteristics like cart contents, shopping history, wishlist items, and more, are likely to outperform generic ones. Personalization creates a sense of relevance, making the offer irresistible to the customer.

5. Limit Upsell Offers

Offering too many options can overwhelm customers and lead to decision-making friction. It's best to limit your upsell offers to a maximum of three personalized choices to make decision-making easier for customers.

6. Leverage One-Click Upsells

One-click upsells are powerful upselling techniques that offer customers a chance to upgrade their purchase with a single click, immediately after checkout. This technique satisfies every principle of upselling – it is timely, exclusive, personalized, and adds a dash of scarcity with zero friction.

7. Use the Thank You Page

The thank-you page is a goldmine for upselling. Customers who land on your thank-you page have already bought from you and are highly likely to buy again. With a solid upsell offer, you can tempt a percentage of your customers into a second purchase, increasing your average order value.

8. Offer Product Bundles

Product bundling involves encouraging customers to spend more by gathering up related items and selling them as a single collection of related products. Bundling is a win-win strategy as it increases your average order value while also delivering a better experience for your customers.

9. Set a Free Shipping Threshold

Offering free shipping to customers who spend over a certain amount can encourage higher order values. Customers are more likely to add more items to their cart to avoid shipping costs.

10. Use Pricing Comparisons

Presenting customers with side-by-side comparisons of products can show the benefits of upgrading and tempt them to choose higher-priced options. This technique can be particularly effective when the upsell options are within 10-30% of the price of the original product.

Implementing Upselling Techniques with FunnelKit

FunnelKit is a sales plugin designed to improve the average order value of your online store. With FunnelKit, you can seamlessly integrate and execute the above-mentioned upselling techniques to take your revenue to new heights. From creating thank-you page upsells to offering incentivized upsells, FunnelKit takes the complexity out of implementing upselling techniques.


Funnel upselling can greatly impact your eCommerce store's success. By implementing these techniques, you can increase revenue and provide a better shopping experience for your customers. Harness the magic of funnel upselling, and watch your average order value grow!